Fifty-seven percent of American workers have saved less than $25,000 for retirement, and 28% have saved less than $1,000. 1
Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2013

Will you outlive your retirement income? Are your financial expectations for the coming year realistic?

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  • August

    HOT TOPIC: Airline Consolidation
    This article examines the potential effects of airline consolidation for investors, consumers, and the broader U.S. economy.

    Making Sense of Auto Financing
    Buyers who intend to finance a new car purchase should generally shop carefully for the best price and terms.

    A Will to Help Your Children
    This article explains the importance of a will, and why families who have children with special needs might also consider a special-needs trust.

    Orchestrating an Exit
    Devising a written business succession plan could ultimately benefit the owner, the owner’s family, and possibly the employees.

  • July

    HOT TOPIC: Cybercrime Update
    This article focuses on debit- or credit-card fraud and identity theft, including steps you can take to help safeguard your personal information and financial accounts.

    Investors as Corporate Citizens
    Sustainability has become a fundamental business goal for many corporations throughout the world, driven in part by investors.

    Keeping Talent On Board
    An executive bonus plan funded with cash-value life insurance could be used to reward and help retain a company’s most valuable employees.

    America’s Pension Problems
    A closer look at how pensions operate and why it might not be wise to rely solely on a pension when assessing retirement income needs.

    Energy Update: Natural Gas Boom
    The potential implications of how shifts in energy production, consumption, and policy could affect supplies and prices in the future.